Once we have received payment, you will receive a confirmation email. Please enter the correct e-mail address as it will facilitate communication with customer service.


You may pay with either credit or debit card. PayPal is also accepted. Ledesma Corp does not store any information.


Promo Codes
You can redeem a coupon code at the end of your order in your “shopping cart”, by clicking “Have a coupon”. Only one coupon cane redeem within each order. 


All taxes are included in the final price communicated at the end of your purchase. Ledesma Timepieces is required by law to declare accurate value on all orders. 


All of our Timepieces have a 24 month warranty. This warranty only includes manufacturing defects on the timepieces (case, movement, crystal).
To have warranty under those circumstances please fill out a form under “contact us” page. In the email you have to specify your name, address, order number and a description of the issue.
Please note that the repairs/replacements will be charged in the following cases;
Damaged caused due to improper use.
Damaged caused by fire or water.
Battery change is not included under the Warranty and will be charged.